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Pastel :: 35 x 35cm :: 14″ x 14″


Mary and Graeme’s next door neighbours were moving house and couldn’t take their young cat with them so they decided to have it put down. When Mary was told of this decision, she quickly extended her arms and welcomed Diesel into her home where he lived a long (17 years) and happy life. He was very much loved for all those years and it was so obvious when I delivered the portrait to Mary personally, that this beautiful cat had left a huge imprint on her heart. It was so wonderful to hear Diesel’s story and feel how much this boy meant to both Mary and Graeme. Diesel had passed only six months prior and was still very much missed and very much loved.

Mary and Graeme specified that they wanted the portrait to measure 35 x 35cm so it would match an existing pet portrait. For the mock-up, I simply cropped the photo to size and added a neutral background colour as to not overpower his intricate markings or the softness of his fur. 


Diesel was framed with a champagne timber frame, double off-white matboards, champagne timber fillet and UltraVue clarity glass.

Framed Size: 59 x 59cm :: 23″ x  23″

Client Feedback

Hi Susanna,
It was lovely to meet you this morning.
We are so happy with the portrait of Diesel. Your attention to the finer details are a treasure to have. The certificate, the lovely paw paper and little card. Thank for the care you take in your work.
We are so happy with the portrait of our boy. It has pride of place in our lounge room.
Hope you and your family have a safe a peaceful Christmas and new year.
Mary and Graeme
Hope Island – QLD
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