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hunter & amber

Charcoal :: 33 x 43cm :: 13″ x 17″


Karyn commissioned these two extremely cute Cavaliers as a birthday present for a very special friend.

Karyn sent me quite a few photos to work from but because they were taken at all different angles, no two photos could be placed together without looking odd, so a small photo which was her mobile screen shot, was used as the main reference photo for the portrait. 


This has to be my favourite way to frame a black and white portrait. It’s classically elegant and doesn’t over power the portrait in any way but rather, compliments it beautifully.

Hunter and Amber were framed with a dark silver, imported Italian moulding, a matching silver fillet, double white matboards, silver plaque and UltraVue non-reflective glass.

Framed size: 65 x 68cm :: 26″ x 27″

Client Feedback

Hey Susanna,
I don’t think Tad (Michael) has stopped staring at the pic!  I went over lunchtime yesterday and he was blown away with his pressie.  It made me happy to be able to give him something so special. Deb loves the portrait too.  Thanks so much Susanna … it’s been lovely to interact with you and get to know each other.  I’ve so enjoyed the experience.  And it’s a nice feeling to make Tad happy.  
Have a lovely Sunday.
Melbourne – VIC

Photos supplied by client.

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