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Charcoal drawing dog pet portrait.

Charcoal:: 38 x 26cm :: 15″ x 10″


Stephen contacted me the day after this sweet little dog crossed the rainbow bridge and I could tell by his email that Sparky meant the world to him and his family. It always saddens me greatly when I receive such emails, where the emotions are still so raw that you can feel what they’re going through. I know how incredibly heartbreaking it is to lose such a huge part of the family and I always feel so bad for them, but I also know that this little guy was very much loved and for that, I am sure he is extremely grateful.

Stephen sent me a couple of reference photos to work from and this is the one that was chosen. I loved the angle at which it was taken, with Sparky’s legs stretched out before him. It gave a lovely and interesting perspective to the finished portrait.


Sparky was framed with an imported Italian black and silver moulding, double matboards, silver name plaque and UltraVue non-reflective glass.

Framed size: 64 x 44cm :: 25″ x 17″

Client Feedback

Thank you Susanna,
He’s perfect ….. I can’t say much more 🙁  You’ve done him proud.
I will cherish this until I meet him once again.
Bentleigh, VIC
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