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Pastel :: 25 x 25cm :: 10″ x 10″


This beautiful Labradoodle named Smith, was commissioned by his owners Bonnie and Colin, shortly after he sadly passed away the previous week. When I saw his photo, I instantly thought of a teddy bear with that beautiful, soft fur and those soulful eyes.

Bonnie and Colin chose this photo for the reference because this is the look Smith would always give them and they felt that it represented their beloved pet best as it captured his personality as they remembered him.


Smith is framed in an antique gold moulding, double matboards, UltraVue UV70 glass and silver name plaque.

Bonnie and Colin only lived a couple of kilometres away from my framer so they were able to not only choose their framing preferences directly, they also picked the portrait up when it was ready. 

Below is the photo which Bonnie and Colin kindly sent me after they had picked up their portrait.

Client Feedback

Hi Susanna,
Bonnie & I are extremely pleased with Smith’s portrait, the likeness to our Smith is remarkable; the frame & name plate really complete a wonderful picture. Bonnie’s sister in Sydney (we sent an image to her), said it was “..incredible how you painted Smith in pastels like that”. She does a bit of oil painting herself and may contact you to do her dog. Thank you very much for your patience with us. Have a great Christmas and New Year.
Bonnie and Colin
Gold Coast, QLD
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