I commissioned Susanna to create an oil portrait of our beloved yellow lab, Marlie for my husband's 50th birthday. Marlie is cheeky, playful and full of personality. Susanna captured our dog to perfection, in fact on opening his beautifully wrapped gift, my husband was moved to tears to see such a lifelike image. Marlie the portrait is now hanging proudly in our home where she will remain even once our real Marlie has gone to doggy heaven. Can't thank you enough Susanna for the best birthday present!
Belgrave, VIC
My new prized possession of the house - now and always - thanks so much Susanna it means the world to me as did my Poppy xx
Adelaide, SA
We have had an amazing week starting with the successful delivery of your amazing painting. I couldn’t bring myself to unwrap the beautiful paper so decided to leave it for Jess to do. We travelled to Canberra to see her promoted in the most beautiful ceremony and gave her the painting. She was overwhelmed. She asked us to convey her thanks. Thank you, you are really talented. I appreciate all your hard work. I will be in touch soon. Would love you to paint my babies. Talk soon.
Spion Kop, NSW
I just wanted to contact you to thank you once again for all your help with our Portrait. Pam loved it, when she saw it after the tears cleared. Pam is particularly taken with Chrissy’s portrait, but is thrilled by them all. As an aside, our 6 year old Grandson was here for Pam’s birthday and he recognised Rory immediately, even though Rory died in 2012 when our grandson was only 3 years old. Once again thank you very much, the portrait, and your consideration during the process, met all of our expectations.
Gold Coast, QLD
Hope all is well with you. I received my beautiful Christmas card yesterday and also my special gift from you which is under the tree, so lovely of you to do that. I wanted to tell you that we have opened our portrait of Monte and absolutely fell in love with it. You certainly have captured him and the frame and colours chosen match just perfectly. We are so grateful for this experience with you which I feel has helped us with the loss of our dear little man, the way you handled everything since our first contact was so professional but with such a kindness and understanding that I will always fondly remember. Thank you again Susanna for everything and for giving us this beautiful portrait to cherish.
Woodlands, NSW
This is amazing! His eyes are spot on and the detail around his mouth is beautiful. Love it. Just love it. This is beautiful work Susanna. Thank you so much for the time you spent on it.
Sydney, NSW
Gave my younger sister, Chloe, her gifts today. She cried when she saw what it was and loved it 🙂 I can't thank you enough. They couldn't believe that you had drawn the picture!
Cranbourne, VIC
I'm so grateful. I'm in shock too. Its truly magnificent. I will be forever grateful.! Susanna you a truly gifted talent. Thank so much for the gorgeous portrait if my girl Miranda!
Hobart, TAS
What can I say, with tears running down my cheeks but a very big heartfelt THANK YOU. Basil looks absolutely beautiful, you have captured his heart and soul in every way and I feel a part of him is still with me when looking at his majestic portrait. Thanking you once again.
Sydney , NSW
Yes !!! Perfect timing! It arrived about 12:00. It looks great!!! No damage thank god, and the frame looks way better than the photos. I'm really happy with everything that you have done. The Birthday boy got a big smile when he seen it and the family love it also. I cant take my eyes off it. Oh and I forgot to mention the wrapping........ amazing! Very much appreciated cos I had no time to do that. Thanks again!
Kialla, VIC
I can't thank you enough for this amazing piece. Your work is just wonderful and you can feel how much heart goes into it. Matilda may be gone, but I still get to wake up to her gorgeous face every morning and it's all thanks to you. So beautiful and heartfelt. I can't even express in words how much I love it.
Altona, VIC
It has arrived and I could not wait. Tracie opened it and the tears said it all. It is amazing how much joy your talent can bring to someone. You have an awesome talent and a beautiful heart. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.
Gold Coast, QLD
The portrait is absolutely gorgeous! I can never thank you enough for your dedication to making our memory of Murphy so perfect. Thank you.
Dog pastel pet portrait painting drawing.
Virginia, USA
I don't think Tad (Michael) has stopped staring at the pic! I went over lunchtime yesterday and he was blown away with his pressie. It made me happy to be able to give him something some special. Deb loves the portrait too. Thanks so much Susanna ... it's been lovely to interact with you and get to know each other. I've so enjoyed the experience. And it's a nice feeling to make Tad happy. Have a lovely Sunday.
Melbourne, VIC
Just received the package and the wrapping is amazing. I can't thank you enough for how much effort you put into the whole portrait and packaging !! I can't wait to give it to my friend. Would definitely love to get another portrait in the future and will refer you to other people. Thankyou again ! Merry Christmas and happy new year!
Sydney, NSW
I opened the portraits with my Mother and Jan. Thank you for the beautiful wrapping and tag. The portraits are lovely and so lifelike. The painting is very fine and exquisite. The white frames are just right. The brown would have been too dark. Jan and mum were impressed. Mum recognized Ben alright. A keepsake. Thank you very much for them and all your patience. I will be showing them off!
West Lakes, SA
Bonnie & I are extremely pleased with Smith's portrait, the likeness to our Smith is remarkable; the frame & name plate really complete a wonderful picture. Bonnie’s sister in Sydney (we sent an image to her), said it was “..incredible how you painted Smith in pastels like that”. She does a bit of oil painting herself - and may contact you to do her dog. Thank you very much for your patience with us. Have a great Christmas and New Year.
Bonnie & Colin
Gold Coast - QLD
Thank you so much! My whole family loves it... I deeply love it! It means so much to me and I'm so happy you've done this for me. I have to say, you were the right artist to choose for them, and it's perfect. I love the Christmas card too!
Caroline Springs - VIC
Zed arrived this afternoon. I am staring at him now and find it hard to take my eyes off him. It is absolutely incredible. You have done the most amazing job. The eyes are perfect and I feel he is just staring back at me. You would have loved the reaction of my class and fellow staff members. The awes and wow's! I know my husband and family will be impressed too. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication in making him perfect. I love him and will treasure this artwork forever.
Allambie Heights - NSW
Trouble's portrait was given to her owner Claire today. She was so, so happy! She had a tear in her eye, which is not like her as she is not an overly dramatic person. It was great to see her reaction, exactly what I was hoping for. 🙂 She said you captured her coat colour and nose and eyes perfectly, and that the portrait felt 3D and very life-like. Beautiful job Susanna, thank you so much. The portrait and frame and everything in between was just perfect! Highly recommended! Much thanks again and again!"
Windsor, NSW
Thankyou so much Susanna, mum and dad were blown away by your portrait of Rossi, he was such a big part of our family so this is a beautiful tribute to him! You are so very talented 😊
Gold Coast, QLD
Rami's picture arrived today, it was so nicely wrapped but I just couldn't help myself I had to unwrap and re-wrap haha.. But I LOVE it! And so will mum 🙂 Thanks heaps!
Gilberton, SA
Just wanting to let you know that Daisy arrived safely this morning and that there were lots of happy tears!! We are all blown away at how wonderful the finished piece is. On behalf of mum, dad and myself, thank you so very much... You made dad's day!!
Wamuran, QLD
Susanna - the portrait was just gorgeous and Mum and Dad just loved it!! The eyes were done perfectly - lots of happy tears were shed when they opened it!!! Thank you once again!!
Brisbane, QLD
I just want to thank you again for the lovely picture of Griffin you did for me and also the one of Tyson you did for Cathy to give me for Christmas. My nephew just loved Griffin. I had them framed and the artist that framed them for me was really impressed at your talent. Hope all goes well for you and keep up the wonderful work you do.
Thank you so very much for your beautiful gift, you truly are talented and I am so grateful that I have one of your pieces sitting in my room now so I can fall asleep with my Angels. They mean the world to me, I am who I am because of each and everyone one of these beautiful souls. It bought me to tears because of the beautiful memories they have imprinted on my heart that only I know and will carry with me for the rest of my life. ... again thank you sooooooo much I love it xxx
Brisbane, QLD
I asked Susanna to create a portrait of dad's beloved dog, Bonnie, whom he had lost earlier this year. She was a beautiful dog with a big personality. After searching online, I found Pawfect Pet Portraits and loved the work that was on display. I am so glad I decided to go with Susanna. She was incredibly helpful and kept me informed throughout the process of drawing Bonnie. My sisters and I gave Bonnie to dad for Father's Day. He became quite emotional when he opened the beautifully wrapped parcel. Then he spent the rest of the night saying "Wow, it's brilliant." Dad is moving into a retirement village in three weeks and we wanted him to take a memory of Bonnie with him. She will hang pride-of-place in his new home. (He has already been in and decided where he will put her). So thank you, Susanna. You have captured Bonnie to perfection and have made an old man very happy. Would highly recommend you to anyone.
Bannockburn, Vic
Thankyou Susanna, He's perfect ..... I can't say much more 🙁 You've done him proud. I will cherish this until I meet him once again.
Bentleigh, Vic
It was lovely to meet you this morning. We are so happy with the portrait of Diesel. Your attention to the finer details are a treasure to have. The certificate, the lovely paw paper and little card. Thank for the care you take in your work. We are so happy with the portrait of our boy. It has pride of place in our lounge room. Hope you and your family have a safe a peaceful Christmas and new year.
Mary & Graeme
Hope Island, QLD
It's arrived Susanna, Mum cried and she is over the moon. She can feel the spirit of Jade in it. She said it was wrapped so beautifully and carefully with so much love. She wants to express her gratitude xoxo
Hobart, TAS
The beautiful pic you done of Molly arrived yesterday afternoon and takes pride in my lounge room so everyone can see it.. Thank you ever so much.. It is one of the most gorgeous pieces of work I've ever seen. xx
Melton, VIC
This is my gorgeous girl. Thank you so much Susanna for the amount of care and time you put into Sherrie. We miss our girl so very much as you know and like I said to you, I feel like a part of her is coming home to us again. You did my baby angel complete justice and such beautiful work. We can't wait to have her home with us. Thank you again and I will never be able to thank you enough!
Brisbane, QLD
I'm speechless!! Your talent is truly amazing. Thank you so much! I absolutely love it! xx
Ginger cat mini pastel pet portrait drawing painting.
Melbourne, VIC
Thankyou so much! Your artwork is amazing and the portrait of Gus is even better than I imagined and just letting you know that Dane loves his portrait! And thank you for packaging it so beautifully!
Sydney, NSW
You did such an amazing job portraying our beautiful Ashby. We miss her so much but now have this amazing piece of art to look at daily! You are amazing at what you do and me and my family will cherish this forever. Thank you so much again for this beautiful piece of art! It looks just like my beautiful girl.
North Carolina, USA
The wrapping is simply gorgeous, and of course since Miss Lisa was a gift for me I opened it early, SIMPLY INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much, it has a great well viewed spot on my wall.
Gold Coast, QLD
My mind is rich with memories of Minky Bear & Pixie however none of my many photos were good enough to enlarge & frame. Then I met Susanna... Words cannot express my thanks Susanna - your beautiful portrait has immortalised them (& their rascal of a little brother Coby who still continues to create havoc & make us laugh!
Gold Coast, QLD
Been meaning to email you all day! Gave Mitch his Brewski picture this morning and he apsolutely loved it! Looks great in our home, even better than in the pictures you sent me. Thank you so so much for all your hard work and for keeping me updated with the progress. I've already got the next animal of ours I'd like you to do, our shetland pony Kipper. ( Thats if you do horses) Hopefully someone might get it done for my birthday too. Thanks so much once again.
Glenhaven, NSW
I gave Mum her portrait this morning and she LOVES it! There was tears but so much joy and appreciation. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job, you captured the very essence of Floyd and for that Mum and I will be forever grateful. This may help her start to move on and heal from his passing. Thanks so very much!
Swanfels, QLD
This was my birthday present! It is absolutely amazing! It looks just like the picture! It is hanging in our hallway and looks great! Thank you so much! You did an amazing job!
Brisbane, QLD