All pet portraits are commissioned as a whole package which includes custom/bespoke framing, and are ready to hang upon arrival. Mouldings are timber (not synthetic) and are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and finishes, from modern to classic or ornate styles. Mouldings, matboards and finishes are usually chosen to compliment the portrait best but clients also have the option of choosing the mouldings for their portrait from a vast range of styles and finishes to suit any decor.

Pastel and pencil portraits are framed with double matboards and spacers to not only visually enhance the artwork, but to also allow the correct amount of air flow between the artwork and the glass, which is especially important for pastel paintings.

Oil portraits are framed with either a floating box moulding for a clean, modern look, or with ornate mouldings and slips for a more traditional look.


A beautiful range of Australian made and imported, Italian mouldings are available to frame your portrait.

Only timber mouldings are used which are available in a vast range of colours, styles and finishes. 

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Matboards are archival quality, being acid and lignin free to ensure the highest protection for your investment and it’s longevity. Available in a vast range of colours and textures.

Pastel and pencil portraits are framed with a minimum of two matboards with spacers, to not only visually enhance the artwork, but to also allow the correct amount of air flow between the artwork and the glass. This is especially important for pastel paintings due to their delicate surface where moisture build up will ruin the surface of the painting.

Fillets & Slips

Fillets are available for pastel and pencil portraits which add an extra dimension to the frame. Fillets can only be used in conjuction with matboards.

Slips for oil portraits are available in linen or timber of various finishes, which are basically an extra moulding placed between the painting and the outer moulding to add more depth to a painting.

Slips act as a buffer between the oil painting and the moulding helping to draw the eye inwards to the painting.

UltraVue Glass

I choose to use “UltraVue” glass by Larson Juhl for all my pastel and pencil portraits. It is an expensive glass but one which I feel showcases works on paper best because of it’s amazing anti-glare and anti-reflection characteristics.

This glass is water-white and virtually invisible providing crystal clear colour transmission and allowing the true colours and details to be clearly visible without the distortions of glare. It also protects the artwork by filtering out over 70% of damaging UV light.

Name Plaques

Name plaques are optional and included with pastel and pencil portraits at no extra charge.  

Name plaques are also available for oil portraits but it depends on the moulding chosen as to whether it can accommodate a name plaque, so please keep this in mind if you want a name plaque for an oil portrait.

Name plaques are available in silver, gold and white.

The Framer

The framer I have chosen to entrust with all my artwork is highly commended amongst photographers and artists alike, both here in Australia and overseas. Scott Dawson from Dawsons Framing, is an exceptional Master Framer with a meticulous eye for detail and his workmanship is second to none. I am confident that his workmanship, expertise and care that he places into each piece will exceed your expectations, as they have mine.